Review: Bone Silence by Alastair Reynolds

The usual shape for a series of novels is the diamond. Book One takes the reader and starts to spread out, introducing all manner of character and canon, building worlds, and exposing mysteries. Book Two accelerates towards the widest part of the diamond, equal revelation and resolution, offering the summit point, where the wider arc is revealed and the tension is wound up. Book Three sees that tension unleashed as the tale rushes towards its tempered end, mysteries being solved, character stories completed, and everything tidied up nicely.

Not so this book, or this series. I scrolled off the final Kindle page really disappointed, almost a sense of loss, but more of that later.

The third book in this series is excellent in all aspects: character development; universe building; mystery revelation; pace and description. I really enjoyed it as a maturing in both the tale and the writing. I cared about the characters; the uber-baddie was very nasty indeed; the actors were different; the creativity of the universe was powerful and unique.

So why I am disappointed when I enjoyed it so much, and I cannot reiterate that fact: it may start off as somewhat Young Adult but it soon soars into a wonderful grown up experience. My issue is that it is a book of two halves in a series that is by no means complete and worse, leaves the reader with so many questions that are unanswered in a universe of amazing potential. So many questions. I hope that author continues if not the adventures of the Revenger crew then some other exploration of broken solar system, the history of the processions, the aliens, and what lies further out, demanding the quoins.

Highly Recommended.

Fleecy Moss, author of the Folio 55 SciFi fantasy series (writing as Nia Sinjorina), End of a Girl, Undon , 4659, and Mudborn now available on Amazon.


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