Review: Shadows of the Apt 7: Heirs of the Blade

Another great novel from Mr Tchaikovsky, with everything that I’ve come to love about the series: proper characters, no filler, great pace, and the development of culture, race, and canon.

More importantly for me, the movement I had hoped for has begun. As I’ve explained in my two previous reviews: great books but very standalone tomes. Now, in this outing, despite it also having large parts that could be seen to be standalone, the beginnings of events starting to come back towards what had always been the main flow of the set: the ambitions of the Black and Gold empire.

Not just that but, as one would hope for in a fantasy series, the reaching back to the time of power, and the passing of a thread forwards, through Khanapes, the moths, to the suddenly created sisters – enough said.

Highly recommended.

Fleecy Moss, author of the Folio 55 SciFi fantasy series (writing as Nia Sinjorina), End of a Girl, Undon , and 4659 now available on Amazon.

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